Rachel Hines

I'm an alternative therapist. I train people to understand and befriend their body.

Restoring a friendly understanding of my body's signals empowered me when doctors, therapists, yoga and meditation teachers were baffled by my "case".

As a Somatic Guide and Reiki Master, I work with the body as a partner, rather than a problem. I listen and respond with curiosity and care. Through our sessions I train you to do the same.

The methods I use are derived from trauma-informed (poly-vagal) practices that regulate the nervous system to restore balance and empower strength.

I cannot treat, cure, diagnose or prescribe for any medical issues. I am not a licensed psychologist or psychotherapist. Clinical work is outside of my scope. What I do is a mix of listening, intuiting, and training.

Beyond my Masters from Pratt Institute, and my years as a university art professor, I studied the nervous system and trauma healing with Somatic Experiencing Practitioners: Kimberly Ann Johnson, Irene Lyon, Jane Clapp and Karine Bell.

I have been guiding self-inquiry for over a decade through trauma-informed yoga, reiki, and art instruction. It all comes together to serve Spirit in my role as a Somatic Guide.

Spirit has been training me my whole life. She is still my main teacher.

I continue to study and apprentice with local Teachers, Wise Women, and Shamans on a weekly basis here in Portland, Oregon.

Why not traditional Therapy?

I myself, and many of my clients, have done years of talk therapy. Re-framing my thoughts and understanding my family dynamics has been very useful. But I require a program that honors my body's nature as an estrogenous, cyclical, and self-pacing Spirit.

Mainstream "cures" (made by men for men) are not always useful for women.

Being labeled as negative, emotional, and needy are often blocks to getting the care that women truly need. I see those as gifts that can be nurtured!

Studying the nervous system and the Spirit with female teachers has largely informed my offering as an "alternative therapist". In fact, my own relationship to my body and Spirit continues to be my compass.

This offering to be your Somatic Guide is a temporary position you hire me for. Once you reconnect with her - your Inner Guide - I will become unnecessary. And to work myself out of a job because you are NOT broken - that is my highest pleasure.