"I have found working with Rachel to be nourishing in multiple ways. She has taught me how to be true to myself; how to deeply listen and respond to my emotions, my body, and my intuition. She has taught me many skills, but most importantly she shown me an example of what an embodied, feeling, changing, fierce, and devoted female looks like. More has become possible inside of myself, in my life, and in my relationships from working with Rachel. She has been celebrating me, cheerleading for me, and encouraging me from day one, and has become one of the most significant allies for me on my healing journey." - Carrie Renee Koester, LMT, LPC Intern, Lead Solsara Facilitator

"I feel blessed to have been able to facilitate transformational work alongside Rachel, and also to have been on the receiving end (many times) of her deep wisdom, compassion, and genuine care. When you're in her presence, she makes you feel like you're the most important person in the world, and even beyond that incredible warmth, I've continually been blown away by how closely she pays attention, her keen intuition, and the powerful insights she's been able to offer me and others. There are a very small number of people I would trust unquestionably as a guide into self-inquiry and emotional healing, but Rachel is one of those people." - David Sudar, Buddhist Meditation Teacher

One Health Professional's Experience:

"I have experienced profound breakthroughs from traumatic events in my past with Rachel’s gentle, confident and exquisite attention. After years of struggle with fragmentation of my mind, body and spirit I have finally started the journey of integration and it nothing less than life changing. More importantly, Rachel has taught me how to have compassion for my most tender and vulnerable parts. After years of therapy I have not had success with working through my shame. Rachel has partnered with me to lean into the shame, with no pressure, instead with compassion and curiosity. This has been profound and unlike any therapy I have ever received. Rachel’s highly tuned sensitivity to MY body creates a container of safety where for the first time ever I’ve joined with someone to dive into my deepest core trauma.

Recently I had a medical procedure that triggered unmanageable anxiety. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to tolerate it. Rachel was right there, gently redirecting back to my body and out of my head. Through listening to my body and applying skills from Somatic Guide Sessions I was able to participate in the procedure in a calm and gentle head space. I was able to do this because I’ve learned from Rachel how to work through the anxiety and access my core strength.

I have never “loved” my body, rather I have been in a battle against it my entire life. I've gotten very good at ignoring my instincts and overriding discomfort because that is what I was taught implicitly and explicitly as a woman in mainstream dominant culture. Now I stop, and really listen to my body, and am literally falling in love with MYSELF! It’s one of the biggest breakthroughs of my life.

Give yourself the gift of one consult! Rachel prioritizes emotional safety and integrity. She is gentle, deeply kind, and incredibly powerful. I immediately felt safe with her because she is incredibly trauma informed in that she never pushes and gently reminds you to listen; lean in and not fight your fears." - M.S., Licensed Professional Counselor

"My experience with Rachel has been transformational in my journey to further become more of me. She is a nurturing healer that has helped me uncover the tools that already exist within me. She has created a space in which I feel most comfortable to show up as myself. She has helped me celebrate the experiences I've been through and the path that I am on. The inner work and healing can be intimidating and scary at times. But having a guide such as Rachel makes it palatable and manageable - knowing I don't have to uncover all of it at once. What will need to be dealt with will arise on its own - truly honoring the intuition my body holds. As an artist this has helped me deepen my relationship with myself and in turn has further transformed and given more depth to my existing practice. I feel more confident and able in my own abilities since working with Rachel and couldn't recommend her higher." - Jordan S.

"First to know, during this pandemic, that my Somatic Guide Sessions were virtual. I wondered how they would go not being in person--would the subtler ways of learning/healing be lost or not as perceivable? I'm happy to say that no, I was able to fully immerse myself in the process and benefitted greatly. Rachel Hines is a skilled, perceptive and insightful healer/somatic therapist. Her guidance during our sessions allowed for emotions to arise, to have a presence and shape that I was able to hold, not rush through, feel where those emotions resided within me, and honor their place in my healing. Processing during our sessions took different forms: laughter, silence, imagination, visualization, and grounding in the body and its wisdom. I would not hesitate to recommend Rachel Hines; she is a gifted therapist with a deep understanding of emotional/physical connection and how to facilitate healing." - Amy S.

"Rachel has done ALL the work herself and has seen and felt so much that there is nothing she cant help you work through, feel, accept and heal. She is truly an amazing gift to this earth. Being with her helped me wholly accepted myself for who I am and how I show up whether or not it was pretty was so nourishing - most importantly, allowing acceptance and love for myself. Rachel mirrors deep emotional themes and helps me to uncover, understand and ultimately release challenges in my system without judgement. Rachel has embodied and integrated Somatic Healing within herself so deeply that it has become pure wisdom, which she uses for the highest good. I feel Greater self awareness. self acceptance and love " - L.H.

"Rachel's deep caring and gentleness puts my soul at ease. I completely trust her presence and her guidance into my personal growth practice and my creative work. Her insightful encouragement calms my fears and gives me the strength to move through my internal obstacles to further manifest my dreams. I would recommend Rachel for anyone on their path to self actualization. She has excellent tools to guide us, and a generous spirit to hold space for what internal demons we need to conquer." - Katie S.

"The fear of my own body and feelings is lessening. A rigidity I have held is moving. I trust Rachel totally— to hold the space for me in a way that allows whatever to come up to come up. She has clearly done and continues to do her own work. I trust she will be direct, honest and deeply caring with me. Our sessions are like sacred play: we laugh, we cry, we move and sit silently. No agenda." - Nancy W.

"I’m falling into my body and feeling it for the first time in years. Listening to my body and respecting it with the space and care Rachel provides, has unleashed my stagnant energy. Grateful for this space and this practice. Taking the time to sit and listen to my body rather than my head. My soul is vibrant and wants out. I’ve been able to identify fears and obstacles, looking at them and breathing with compassion has transformed my view on life. I have accountability from Rachel to show up for myself. And having her perspective is fresh and nourishing in itself. Rachel has your back and lots to share if and when you are ready to dive into this healing practice." - Brooke Learmouth

“Rachel is a kind and compassionate listener. Bringing consciousness to my body, I am a great deal more aware of how taking care of my body is taking care of my psyche. I am now kinder to myself. I listen to my body.” - Joann s.

"Rachel is warm and loving and a champion of knowing and honoring your boundaries and practicing gentleness towards oneself." - Melody S.

“Rachel is an open, honest source of light that brightened my soul! The support and work she offers helped allow me to be and embody more of me.” - Devon W.

"By feeling into my own body with guidance from Rachel, I’ve become more aware of where and how I store energy and what I can do to meet, honor, challenge, describe, and cope with feelings. I’ve become more self aware with this work. It truly isn’t easy to examine these feelings and cope with them on your own. Rachel has been a constant guide and support to work through this together. She uses her training to ensure a safe space for reflection and growth. Rachel encourages the space I practice to be calm, warm, safe, and undisturbed. Not only does carving out this time to tap into this work create a positive and nourishing atmosphere, it also allows for real reflection to happen. I have felt more creative, have been empowered to fully feel all emotions, and have worked through tough personal challenges with this structure we’ve built in our sessions." - Jenna M.

"Working with Rachel is a gentle, centering experience. I've found myself healing in places that have been hurt for a very long time. I feel more embodied and more loving towards myself. I also feel a new opening to creativity, to writing in the mornings. I felt an excitement and a connection to a new spirit wanting to grow inside of me." - Allie Quady

"The Somatic Guide Sessions quickly and easily help me step into a place of centeredness and calmness that I can maintain for hours after our sessions, and independently. Rachel has a soft and nurturing presence that disarms my anxiety about trying new things. She has the ability to notice things about me that she brings into the sessions that help me be kind to myself and those close to me." - KJ S.

"I decided to work with Rachel after a brilliant, skilled, experienced therapist (MA, LPC) who knew me well recommended polyvagal nerve therapy. I had experienced complex trauma and no amount of traditional talk therapy, self help books, meditation, yoga, or massage was getting me close to my goal of relaxing, trusting my intuition, and feeling safe, comfortable, and grounded in my everyday life. Around the same time, a friend who had worked with Rachel recommended I make an appointment. Working with Rachel was absolutely the answer. I had no idea what to expect. The experience was life-changing: my breathing is deeper, my nervous system can disengage, I recognize my intuition, I trust myself, I practice self-compassion. As I reflect on my sessions with Rachel, I miss them and her-- she will always be a superhero and role model for me-- but I don't require her services anymore, and that is perhaps the greatest testimonial of all." - Dr. B.