Massage Therapy Testimonials

"That was one of the most memorable and powerful bodywork sessions I've had. It reminded me of what it can be like to receive from an attuned care provider and you have no idea how much I needed to be reminded of that.  Your ability to read the language of my body was astounding. For you to be able to see and feel the unspoken was invaluable for me, as I often have a hard time finding the right words." 


"I'm now in deeper conversation with my body. I have been searching for this relief for years." 

- SE

"Other massages got me out of my body.
I felt like this brought me back in. It felt like ceremony."

- CS 

"I haven't slept this well in years. "

- CR

"Life Changing!" - HC

"I thought massage was supposed to hurt. But it didn't! And I feel great." 

- SH

Women's Reflections: Somatic Guide Sessions

I have experienced profound breakthroughs from traumatic events in my past with Rachel’s gentle, confident and exquisite attention. 

- M.S. Licensed Professional Counselor

I had experienced complex trauma and no amount of traditional talk therapy, self help books, meditation, yoga, or massage was getting me close to my goal ... working with Rachel was the absolutely the answer. 

- Dr. B.

Rachel has done ALL the work herself and has seen and felt so much that there is nothing she can't help you work through, feel, accept and heal. 

- L.H.

Our sessions are like sacred play: we laugh, we cry, we move and sit silently. No agenda. 

- Nancy W.

I would not hesitate to recommend Rachel; she is a gifted therapist with a deep understanding of emotional/physical connection and how to facilitate healing. 

- Amy S.

More has become possible inside of myself, in my life, and in my relationships from working with Rachel. She has been celebrating me, cheerleading for me, and encouraging me from day one, and has become one of the most significant allies for me on my healing journey.

- Carrie Renee Koester, LMT, LPC, Lead Solsara Facilitator

I’ve become more self aware with this work. It truly isn’t easy to examine these feelings and cope with them on your own. Rachel has been a constant guide and support to work through this together. She uses her training to ensure a safe space for reflection and growth. 

- Jenna M.

Working with Rachel is a gentle, centering experience. I've found myself healing in places that have been hurt for a very long time. I feel more embodied and more loving towards myself. I also feel a new opening to creativity, to writing in the mornings. I felt an excitement and a connection to a new spirit wanting to grow inside of me.

- Allie Quady

I have accountability from Rachel to show up for myself. And having her perspective is fresh and nourishing in itself. Rachel has your back and lots to share if and when you are ready to dive into this healing practice. 

- Brooke Learmouth

I would recommend Rachel for anyone on their path to self actualization. She has excellent tools to guide us, and a generous spirit to hold space for what internal demons we need to conquer. 

- Katie S.

Rachel is an open, honest source of light that brightened my soul! The support and work she offers helped allow me to be and embody more of me. 

- Devon W.

Rachel is warm and loving and a champion of knowing and honoring your boundaries and practicing gentleness towards oneself. 

- Melody S.

Rachel is a kind and compassionate listener. Bringing consciousness to my body, I am a great deal more aware of how taking care of my body is taking care of my psyche. I am now kinder to myself. I listen to my body.

- Joann