Somatic Guide Sessions

Sessions are 30 minutes, via Zoom.

We tune-in, talk, move, and focus on building resilience. Unlike traditional talk-therapy, we do not analyze why the emotion is here. Instead, we deal with the direct experience in the physical body. Oftentimes people will have images, sensations, or memories arise. All is welcome.

Through mindful inquiry and exploration of the body's signals we rewire neural pathways toward safety and ease. We practice resourcing from the body - which is our main connection to Spirit.

After a few sessions most people have the tools they need to proceed on their own. Many people schedule a session following a traditional talk-therapy appointment in order to help them integrate the cognitive with the visceral body. Others use this offering as a physical training for the Spirit - a way to reconnect to their Inner Knowing.

Please reserve 30 minutes after the session for private integration.

Sessions are $45. Payment is non-refundable and due at time of service.

In-person reiki sessions

Sessions are 60 minutes, in Mt. Tabor.

We tune-in, talk, and I lay hands on (or above) the body. The energy work I provide is collaborative and trauma-informed. That means that I fully expect that when you are touched by a fellow human you will have emotions. You may also have visuals, memories, sensations, and physical states change. Unlike other body-workers, I adapt the treatment to you.

You remain fully clothed. So we have lots of options. We pause, move, talk, shift positions.

In short - there is room for you to be a whole human. There is room for you to have needs. This is a place to practice verbalizing consent, requests, demands, and preferences. After all - it's your body we are attuning to.

After some time it is possible for clients to fully relax and receive. But I consider human contact without verbalization to be a very advanced experience between two highly attuned people. We can get there after you feel my genuine sincerity that I will celebrate any, "No, that doesn't work for me." And we can get there after your system begins to trust me that all feelings are welcome.

If requested, I offer my own insights and experience at the end of each session.

Please be prepared to show full vaccination records prior to arrival and wear a mask for the duration.

Sessions are $100. Payment is non-refundable and due at time of service.

I'm ready to work with you just as you are

Overwhelmed? Stressed? Angry? Let's get you Re-Sourced!

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